• WE ARE 100% HALAL

    Yes, we are Halal!

    To better serve Domino's Pizza fans and customers, all Domino's Pizza outlets in Indonesia have been certified as Halal by The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI)

    Although the certification is very recent, we would like to assure you that we have always try to uphold Halal standards through all our operation since the opening of our FIRST Do...

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  • Store tour


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  • Mobile Apps

    Our Appllication now in Play Store and App Store

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  • Pizza: Stop Eating It Wrong

    How do you eat a slice of pizza? As an ‘imported’ food, it’s normal if you don’t know the best way to eat it. Because the way to eat the food usually depends on the culture where the food comes from.

    Usually pizza is served with knives and forks, eaten in the same way as steak. It is admitted as the most ethical way in eating pizza. But using your hands is maybe the e...

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  • Order The Most Delicious Pizza From Your Phone

    Over the time, we know that there are two kinds of pizza crust: thin and thick. Thick crust pizza with bread-like dough and can be stuffed with cheese and sausages, while the thin one tends to be crispy. Thick or thin, it all depends on your preference. However, it turns out that the thin one is the authentic Italian pizza!

    In Indonesia, people are more familiar with the th...

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  • 30 Mins Guarantee

    We offer a 30 minute delivery guarantee for all orders placed within our delivery area. There will be times when we are not able to make this promise due to traffic or extreme weather situations. In such cases, our Domino’s delivery person will hand over a voucher for a FREE medium hand tossed pizza from our Favourite range, which you can redeem for ...

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  • Tokopedia Promo

    Syarat & ketentuan :

    1. Periode Promo : 01 November - 30 November 2016
    2. Diskon 30% untuk pembelian Premium / speciality / value range pizza
    3. Termasuk Medium HT / Thin crust / PAN / Double Decker / Stuffed crust dan New York
    4. Tidak...

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